Are you in Perimenopause, or think you might be?

If you are between 35-55 you are likely entering, or are in perimenopause. If you have been experiencing any of the following symptoms you may also be in perimenopause:

  • Heavy Periods
  • Flooding
  • Insomnia
  • Mid-section weight gain
  • Night sweats
  • Low energy
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Brain Fog 
  • Hairloss
  • Insulin resistance

If you're on a hormonal roller coaster, having night sweats, can't sleep, your mind just won't shut off or perhaps your libido has got up and left and you don't know where it went you are in the right place!

Tired, moody, and frustrated?


It's not your fault you don't know what's going on with your body and why your periods, moods and weight has changed. As a society we are not taught the changes women go through in their 40's and how this will impact our lives and the lives of those around us.

The good news is you can begin to transform your life starting today! The answer is to build a strong healthy foundation that works for you, for the rest of your life. This is not just another diet plan, this is a plan that will help you manage your stress, heal your digestion and balance your hormones - for good.

My signature Empowered Holistic Health ™ Plan will transform your hormone hell into vibrancy and empowerment with ease and grace. 

What's included in the plan?


This is a six week program with six video lessons, delivered once per week. It also includes simple worksheets for each lesson to help you impliment immediate change.

  • Knowing - Understanding how your hormones change in your 40's and how to move towards balance.
  • Nourishing - Discover how to best nourish your body as your hormones change. Considering metabolism, gut health and hydration.
  • Showing - Discover the best types of exercise for your stress level, hormones and metabolism
  • Calming - Introduce stress reducing techniques in order to provide the body with an environment of peace and calm = balanced hormones
  • Growing - Discover how to sleep better for inner and outer radient beauty
  • Potential - Your mindset and beliefs have a huge impact on your hormones and the aging process - discover how to maximise your potential

$297 (plus tax)



What does the upgrade include?  

* One-on-one consult every week for 6 weeks (15 mins) tailored to your individual needs * A personalized and comprehensive assessment before the plan beings (1 hr) * A personalized menu plan for either Hormone Balancing or Gut Repair. * Discount on quality supplements delivered right to your door (if needed). * Personalized discount on any hormone testing via FluidsiQ (if needed). * A plan, moving forward, specifically tailored to your personal hormonal analysis.  

* Exclusive guided meditations for you to download (2)  

$547 (plus tax)

*Make sure to check with your insurance provider under your extended medical - you may be able to claim upto $500 for "nutritionist".

**Consults are given worldwide, no travelling to a clinic, we talk in the comfort of your own home from your computer, iPad or smart phone.


Hi, I'm Maggie Chilton, my personal journey has taught me how easy it is to lose connection with our bodies and neglect ourselves while focusing on others.  

I have been where you are now, and it can be some of the most challenging and deeply intimate times of your life.  

This is a time of change and frustration, a time to step into your power and re-learn balance, confidence and harmony.  

I'm sharing this with you because through my own self-healing journey I know what works and what doesn't. I have gathered the tools needed to deeply trust my intuition again, to add boundaries and finally get the sleep I needed to reconnect with myself on a fundamental level and ultimately get to the root cause of my hormone imbalances.  

What others are saying...

“I was delighted to discover Maggie’s extensive knowledge when it comes to supporting women’s health. I love how she looks at my health from a holistic perspective - it makes a world of difference!" 

Nicole J

“I would say that I now understand that all of the parts need to be in place (not just nutrition ) in order to begin to functionally optimally. A holistic approach is crucial to feeling better!”