adult learning

It’s been a week 😮‍💨

I started school for the 4th? time (1st time was actual school, 2nd was my degree and postgrad then 3rd was for my RHN qualification)

It was an adjustment to say the least

I absolutely LOVE 💕 learning

It’s one of my favorite things (has been for the past 10 years)

I’m a late starter, I do it on my time and I’m never in step with my peers 😂

If I’m not evolving I feel like I’m wasting time, do you ever feel like that?

I want to continue to make a difference in this world, in other peoples worlds, it’s very important to me

My children deserve the best of me
My children deserve a Mum who supports them in their dreams
My children deserve a Mum and a women that shows up for herself and for others

Going back to school is as much for them as it is for me

If I can offer just a small piece of advice for anyone who’s a “mature student” and thinking of going back to school…

It WILL suck for a few days
You WILL question why you did it
You WILL question how you’ll be able to do it with everything else you have going.

But I promise you that if you allow it to just settle, allow your mind to figure it out in its own time (it’ll do this unconsciously) and allow yourself time to just BE…

This is what happens when you do the root cause work, the inner work and discover the tools to support yourself 🥰

You’ll have the day that I had 4 days in…

“Ahh now I get it, it makes sense now, I see the pattern”

The overwhelm will melt away
The fear might still be there but that will spur you on.

It WILL be worth it
Because YOU are worth it 💕

I’m here to support you remember that 🥰

PS are you thinking of going back to school? Or have you gone back to school as an adult?

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