Generational trauma didn’t start with you

The older and wiser you get…

The more you are embodied (in tune with and connected with your body)…

The faster and harder anxiety and stress hits?

Now you could look at this two ways…

You could look at it as a negative where you’re instantly feeling the pain or the tenseness, gut issues or that headache…

Or you could look at it as instant feedback to situations that need your attention…

Instant feedback for something that matters to you 🤔

Instant feedback that you are deeply connected to your body 💕

This can be helpful in many situations, in particular when making decisions that go against the norm and when you work with other people and actively listen to them.

When you’re in a position of working with people to support them, encourage them, help them work through difficult things, it’s important to be able to be completely connected to your body as the conscious mind very often will try to rationalize (talk our way out of things).

When making decisions that go against what you would normally do such as stepping out of your comfort zone, making big life changes, it can be important to listen to what your body is telling you, even when it’s not what you want to hear.

It’s all based on how you take ownership of your decisions and how you interpret the responses you get from your body, and your unconscious mind.

Taking the time to just sit with it and be curious about what’s showing up for you rather than judgement can give you major insights 💕

It can also show you areas that might need some attention and a little bit more inner work and wisdom.

YOU get to decide the path you choose to go down 🤩

Ps have you noticed that stress either creeps up on you without you realizing it (you wonder why you’re feeling more tired or have a stiff neck) or do you have more of an instant reaction?

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